Intuitive, flexible, and easy-to-use, our WorldPRO® platform provides peace of mind to sponsors by ensuring they have complete control over trial data every step of the way. As the primary platform for coordinating and centralizing all trial activity between you, your investigator sites and WCC, the WorldPRO® system helps facilitate your trial management needs.

Having supported global trials at more than 4,000 sites, WCC's WorldPRO® technology has proven to be the most advanced solution for complex workflows, providing full functionality for imaging data management, clinical data management, image analysis, project management, and full trial transparency in a 21 CRF-compliant solution.

Image Analysis & Review

With an automated workflow engine images are routed through the review process with available options, such as multiple blinded reviews, blinded or unblinded adjudications, batch review, EAC services, and more. The WorldPRO® system enables multiple pools of subspecialty expertise to process cases together accurately and efficiently.

Real-Time Trial Visibility

WorldPRO® provides a secure, real-time view of trial-specific data from anywhere in the world, including:
  • A comprehensive web portal
  • Open study queries
  • Image tracking forms
  • Access to image thumbnails
  • On-demand reports in various formats

Stringent Audit Trails

With WorldPRO®, you can be assured of the following before submission to the FDA:
  • Images that fully meet your protocol specifications
  • Compliance with 21 CFR, Part 11
  • Secure and compliant assessment of the images
  • Secure storage
  • All necessary audit and compliance documentation

Low-Cost Configuration and Customizable Tools

Whether your trial requires a single radiologist with a single modality, a double-blind read with adjudication with multiple modalities, or simply an image management platform, the WorldPRO® system can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Real-Time Reporting

Custom reports are developed per specific sponsor requirements. All forms can be exported and summarize any data captured within WorldPRO® from image submission all the way to trial closeout.

Simplified Query Management and Resolution

Managing and resolving queries with WorldPRO® is secure and easy. If a query is needed, WorldPRO® generates automatic notifications via e-mail, fax, and/or text message to the appropriate user — whether he or she is at an imaging site, WCC, or the sponsor location. This notification can be customized to meet your specific trial needs.

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